About Us

KMS Autocount SDN BHD (IP0438569-V) is a one-stop business management solutions centre for the entrepreneurs. We provide a range of hardware and software products with dedicated customers support fulfilling their needs in the startup business. KMS which is known as King Master Software, an accounting software reseller holding the top accounting software brands like QNE Business Solution, Autocount, Millions Software, SAGE and SQL Software. With the comprehensive knowledge in Accounting, our founder could offer the advice for the best accounting software that works for you.

On top of that, the Point of Sale System (POS System) software and hardware are also available in our company. A varieties of POS System Software in company with easy to use features of BMO, IRS, SQL UNIPOS and Yestab. We made things hassle free for our customers where they could get all Point of Sale System and equipment setup at once from our company. With every purchase, our team provides free installation and trainings to you so fret not even though you have zero knowledge about it! 


Aside from POS System Software, we provide hardwares (MDOT, POSMAC, SureTouch) and POS accessories too. Our team will always be there for support in fixing errors for the customers. The company’s vision is to grow alongside with our customers in business which explains the low price of our products. We want to help our customers to save for their long run entrepreneur journey.