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  • Cash Register Machine
  • (Casio) SEG1 SE-G1
  • (White)

・Company name can be programmed up to 5 lines

・8 Department buttons (3 levels)

・4 Digits of Customer LCD Display

・Using 58mm Width Thermal Paper Roll (No ink required)

・Easy-to-read large LCD display at the height of 25mm with 8 digits.

・Option for receipt or journal format

・Sanitary anti-bacterial keyboard with ISO 22196 standard

・Multipurpose tray


Journal and receipt printing selection

Battery backup for memory protection* (* Batteries are not included with this unit)

Three ways to tender payment (cash, charge, or check)

Save printing paper by choosing just to display result of sales check on the LCD.

Easy-to-use calculator function

Simple mode switching


Cash Register Machine (Olympia) CM80 Plus READY STOCK !

  • Olympia Cash Register CM90 plus
  • new condittion
  • 1 year warranty

• Warranty: 1 year • Ready Stock • Ship in 1-2 working days • Handle with ❤️

  • •To create or edit commodity data can be through PC software and ECR keyboard;
  • •To modify system configurations through PC software makes operation more convenient and clear;
  • •Powerful sale functions with multi selling ways and supports change price, holding bill, refund etc;
  • •Support restaurant functions: Dishes with tastes option, meal set selling functions are available;
  • •Powerful report functions support users to create reports at any time period and in many useful forms such as PTD report, stock report, shortage report, configuration report etc
  • •Member management makes marketing easier.
  • •Multi-tax option provides local tax solution
  • The SR-S500 comes with a single station fast and reliable thermal printer that can be used for receipts or journal tracking. Receipts can be personalized with the store’s information, greetings and special messages. The 10-line operator LCD display with high definition Blue display makes data input easy to check the customer transaction. The pop-up 2-line customer display provides vital information to the end user as to the prices and items being entered. A small heavy duty metal cash drawer is standard with the machine.
  • The two (2) serial COM ports standard on the SR-S500 allow a scanner and the PAX S300 payment terminal to be connected. Connecting a serial scanner will allow up to 3,000 items to be scanned and reported. Scanning items can be pre-programmed directly into the item file, during registration as a Not Found Item or through a Casio PC programming software. The PAX S300 interface provides merchants the ability to run EMV, credit, debit and gift card transactions through the SR-S500. Merchants have the option of selecting from a large list of processors to work with through PAX rather than being limited to only one (1) processor. A SD Card slot is standard on the machine allowing owners a sense of security of backing up programming information and if need be re-loading programming. The machine also provides the ability of sales reports being saved automatically when the daily close operation is performed to the SD Card in CSV format.
  • cash register Machine Sam4s
  • new condittion
  • Sesuai utk Restoran atau Cafe dll
  • Boleh set 12menu dan harga
  • Report sales daily weekly monthly DLL
  • Sangat berbaloi tuan/puan
  • Selamat Dan lancar cash flow
  • Compact Design with Built-In Convenience
  • A compact, low-profile design makes the XE-A137BK real countertop space savers.
  • The front-locking cash drawer features three bill compartments and a removable six-compartment coin tray. A slot accessible from the outside of the drawer provides a quick, safe way to put large bills and cheques into an under-tray storage area without having to open the drawer or lift theheavy coin tray. What's more, a multi-purpose tray on the outside a handy new design feature provides a convenient resting place for coins, bills, and pens.
  • Thermal Printer with Graphic Logo Printing
  • The built-in thermal printer prints out sales receipts on 58-mm-wide paper at a rate of approximately seven lines per second. Graphic logos can be printed out as well, helping to further promote your business. Plus, the drop-in paper loading mechanism lets you change paper rolls quickly and easily.
  • Bright LED Operator Display
  • Bright and easy-to-read, the LED operator display on the XE-A137BK accommodates up to nine digits for easy viewing of currency amounts.
  • Data Backup via SD Card Slot

                    The XE-A137BK are equipped with an SD


  • SD memory cards (4GB to 32GB) can be used to back up
  • various kinds of data, including daily sales and electronic journal data.
  • CSV-file-type data can be saved to an SD card then managed on a computer via Excel or other spreadsheet applications. What's more, a
  • variety of settings, store name and logo, department names, product names, sales tax rate, and more can all be configured on a computer and imported into the XE-A137BKquickly and easily via an SD card.

                     Note: SD cards are not included.

  • Electronic Journal

The XE-A137BK feature an electronicjournal function that can electronically store up to 3,000 lines of transaction data, helping to conserve paper and reduce costs.

Fast and Accurate Price Entry

Equipped with 200 PLUs (price look-ups), the XE-A137BK makes entering pricing information a snap. By simply entering the code for the items being purchased, you can total upsales with accuracy and speed. A total of 8 departments are also available, enabling you to easily track and analyse transactions by product type.



What is included:

・Casio SE-G1 Electronic Cash Register x1

・User manual x1

・Operator key x1

・Manager key x1

・Drawer key x1

・Receipt starter roll x1

・AA Battery x2

・Warranty: 1 year

・Ready Stock

・Ship in 1-2 working days

・Handle with ❤️

  • Olympia Cash Register
  • Cm-80 Plus
  • new condittion