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• Thermal Label

• Packing : 100rolls per box

• quantity :600pcs per rolls

• size :40mm (w) x 46mm(h)

• compatible with all brand weighing scale machine


• Thermal Label

• Packing : 100rolls per box

• quantity :600pcs per rolls

• size :40mm (w) x 46mm(h)

• compatible with all brand weighing scale machine

  • weight scale machine barcode sticker 40*46mm,600pc per roll.
  • 电子秤纸40*46mm,600pc per roll
  • Weight Scale Machine Barcode Sticker
  • 45mm x 40mm (per roll)

• Laminating Film

• High transparency and glossy film

• Strong adhesive

• Quality material provides excellent clarity and durability, photo-safe

• Helps to seal and protect your documents

• Perfect for laminating business cards, membership cards, luggage tags

• Use in any heated pouch laminator. Temperature fit for 110°C-130°C



Package Includes: 3 rolls, each roll contains 750 labels, 2 X 4” labels (2250 individual sheets of Direct Thermal transfer roll labels total)

Width = 2" ; Height = 4"


Can be used with many different types of direct thermal printers such as:

Zebra Desktop Thermal Printers - 2844 GC420d GC420t GK420d GK420t GX420d GX420t GX430t LP2844 LP2442 TLP2844 ZP450 ZD500 ZD500R ZP500 ZP505

Neatoscan Printers

Eltron Printers


Start saving money today and stop wasting expensive ink and toner with these high quality versatile shipping labels.


The white labels come pre-rolled so they just have to be put into your label printer. Maximizing efficiency and making it easy for you to print one label or a hundred of them at once. and their permanent adhesive helps the labels stick and stay put with a very aggressive initial tack.

The 2” X 4” labels are ideal for shipping labels, identification labels, barcode labels and warehouse labels. Our labels also Comply with Amazon FBA inventory FN SKU barcode requirements as well.

The white thermal direct labels are also great as carton labels, deli and bakery labels, personalized address labels, these durable custom labels have so many uses.


Just peel & stick! No clear packaging tape or label holders needed anymore. Our quality strong self-adhesive sticky mailing labels will withstand the forces of nature. Design with a perforation for maximum efficiency while printing multiple labels at a time.

With its special coating it creates a layer that allows them to resist scratches, water, dirt, dust, grease and other things that compromise the labels integrity.

  • 1. Clear printing does not jam, with the thermal bar code printer can print machine. Do not need ink.
  • 2. High-density glue, sticky, not easy to fall off.
  • 3. Save a long time, the text color thick.
  • 4 high-quality materials, very environmentally friendly, five toxins no smell.
  • 5. Waterproof, not easy to fade.
  • 6. NC die-cutting, smooth, white and smooth printing paper, print smoothly.
  • 7. For a variety of printer brands.